Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

A filigree drawing or a painting in oil - nothing brings the observer closer to an artist than his direct handwriting through one of his unique pieces. This and the exclusiveness of an artwork have always fascinated art enthusiasts. The one who may call a unique piece of a respected artist as his own is in the "royal class" of collectors and individualists. Of course, an original work of art has its value as well as its price. But the possession of such a work is for every art enthusiast something quite sublime. Especially when the art exists only once in the world and may decorate personally designed, individual rooms. Not to forget the high potential of value appreciation. In view of the current development, art, along with real estate and precious metals, is one of the safest investments. But first and foremost, art stands for a valuable emotional component.

Discover at ArtROOM unique pieces of internationally recognized academic artists of different styles and techniques. Exquisite drawings, expressive bronze sculptures can be found here as well as poetic oriental calligraphy, powerful oil painting and experimental mixed technique. Our portfolio of offered art objects has been deliberately selected also with the view to embellishing of exceptional spaces. Nothing gives more charisma and individuality than original oil paintings or sculptures. And you can always answer any question with certainty and conviction: "Yes, it is an original!"

At ArtROOM you will receive only originals. Every single piece is very valuable (that you will realize in case of resale). Please don’t be blinded by the wave of superficial enthusiasm and artificially produced high-gloss sheets of paper. A work of art is not a decorative item, but a valuable investment.

We would also be glad to advise you personally and non-binding on a work of art suitable for your premises. Please feel free to contact us. Call us or write to us.


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