= (max.) emotional & material GAIN

"Try not to consider art to be just an investment. Acquire art objects that you really love and want to live with. You will enjoy observing them anew every morning. And if a few years later you decide that this art no longer fascinates you, sell it and invest again. Because life without art is a transient grey daily routine."


—   Werner Verbist   —

Art as an investment

  • You invest in art objects with an almost unlimited useful life, for which hardly any usage / maintenance costs are necessary. A connoisseur knows: a low-price art object is not an investment. The art market is not a bargain market for mass-produced goods.

  • Genuine art is collectible and inheritable, it has stable prices with potential upward. "Copied" art is always a risk and not suitable as an investment. Collectors can minimize time-motivated risks by investing in original paintings of different styles and/or in "timeless" art.

  • "Is this art or can be discarded?"
    In times of "highly hyped" hobby artists, there is a high risk that when the "fashion" and marketing machinery are over, art objects will lose value and later be considered as "pseudo-art".

In ArtROOM's portfolio you will find only academic artists who have already proven their skills and talents internationally. They are all ambitious, seasoned and relatively young artists who are considered to have a lot of development potential on the international art market. It's not about today's price, but tomorrow's price.


Art as a feel-good factor

  • Art is more than an investment. It always has an emotional and aesthetic factor. Art arouses positive emotions, strengthens imagination and thinking ability, and can even have a therapeutic effect.

  • Proximity to art has a positive effect on child development: it can awaken desirable interests and hobbies in children. People who grow up with art and surround themselves with art have a differentiated relationship to value. Art increases our thoughts of prestige and strengthens our sense of individualism.

  • Art decorates our living and working spaces and creates a special atmosphere. Cultivate your living style! With art objects you can individualize your living and working spaces and set specific highlights. Art can create a pleasant intellectual and cultivated aura.

It is the desire and the joy of creating one's own environment individually. With the help of artworks, an attitude of mind, one's own culture and education can be emphasized. It is important to distinguish oneself from the masses and to do so with artworks whose individuality suits the buyer. Value enhancement included.


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